EM client sync issue with Google Contacts

I’ve been troubleshooting a client’s issue with EM Pro Client gmail contacts created in EMC not appearing in Google Contacts viewed at https://contacts.google.com/. If I create a test contact in her gmail account in EM it does not show up in her Google contacts on the web unless I do a search. If I do not edit the test contact and just close it it still does not show up in her Google contacts. If I do edit the contact after it appears after a search then it shows up permanently in her Google contacts at contacts.google.com. No problem if creating a test contact in web based google.contacts but only if creating new contact in EM client in Win 10. Any help appreciated.

Looks like some sync issue.

As the user has a Pro License, she can open a ticket directly with eM Client Support, and they will be able to assist her further.