eM client suddenly not talking to email server

Client is 6.0.19681.0 , host is Hostpapa. I changed nothing. Suddenly receiving “An attempt to contact (my account) failed.” Webmail works fine. I tried talking to Hostpapa support and received standard info and a brush-off, and I’m expected to use incoming/ outgoing port info etc. that I’m not even sure how to input here, it’s like they and eM are talking separate languages. eM Client synchronized with this host/ client just fine before too.

Am I missing something obvious?

Just as mysteriously, about 14 hours have passed and email apparently works again from the client, with its original settings. I guess I was right to think something was broken on the host end?

Let’s call this resolved…

even though this sounds like the issue was on the host end, if you’d like to check the settings of your account and maybe adjust it to proper port numbers that were suggested to you by the host,
you can go to Tools > Accounts > your account and click IMAP/POP/SMTP tab to see the current settings.

I hope this was a helpful answer,