eM Client stuck synchronizing folder '/Inbox'


I just recently started using eM Client and like it very much but I am having one issue.

I am currently testing it with 2 email accounts on different providers before before I decide to buy it and add the rest of my accounts.

A Gmail account is working fine but an AT&T IMAP account (which I think is still hosted by Yahoo!) is having an issue where it never seems to finish “synching” the Inbox. The little spinner next to “Refresh” never stops spinning and the “Operations” windows shows the progress bar stuck at maybe 80%. Every once in a while it will reset to zero and then rapidly grow to the same 80%-ish and get stuck again. It’s been doing that ever since I set up the account up a few days ago.

I have tried “Repairing” the Inbox on that account but it doesn’t help.

The “Errors” tab in the “Operations” window says that “There are no errors.” and I see nothing unusual in the “Log” tab, it just says “<my email address at AT&T> IMAP Synchronizing folder ‘/Inbox’”.

The account is working. It looks like all my messages are visible in eM Client. I can send and receive messages through that account in eM Client and PUSH seems to be working fine - messages arrive in eM Client as soon as they get there (the same time that I get notifications on my phone and Mac), there is no delay.

eM Client version 9.2.1577 (9f64452)
Completely up-to-date Windows 10

OP again (And I am really hoping for a solution to these problems).

While setting up rules to automatically add tags to incoming messages I am finding that those rules are not working on the same AT&T account that I discuss in my OP.

I can manually set tags but the rule to set them isn’t working. That same rule is working on the Gmail account.

Any solutions would be very much appreciated.


Same here - other than this I am really impressed with EM client - was going to purchase but will hold off until this is resolved as it’s just annoying.

I am having the same problem. I had an issue that caused me to remove and re-add my Yahoo email account, and now it is only downloading about 10% of my inbox folder and the spinning wheel next to “refresh” keeps spinning. Interestingly it downloaded all of the emails in subfolders, but the main inbox folder is the one with the problem. I suspect the reason it isn’t applying the rules is that it only does that after refresh completes, but it never gets there.

I tried repair, but it stopped on the same email as before.

New emails show up just fine, and my gmail account is working normally. It’s just that old emails aren’t available and the refresh never completes.

I really hope someone can figure this out. I am using version 9.2.1735 (3d90379).

Update: Today another 1100 emails suddenly showed up so I am up to about 40% of my inbox. I have seen some comments in other threads about this kind of thing happening. In time hopefully it will all download. Seems likely to be a Yahoo problem.

After some further investigating, it was getting stuck on some, but not all, emails with large attachments, particularly photos. I was able to hunt down the offending emails in the browser and move them to a subfolder called “bad emails”, and then the inbox would start loading again until it got stuck on another. Finally I got my entire inbox downloaded, then surprisingly the “bad emails” folder also synced with all the emails downloaded. I was able to then move those emails back into my inbox and now everything is working normally again.

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