eM Client stopped working and Repair option not working

My eM Client application won’t start up. It’s been working fine for 6 months and stopped yesterday. I downloaded the newest version and tried the repair option, and it said, "The file ‘frDbRepairResourcesFile’ cannot be installed because it cannot be found in cabinet file ‘eMClient.cab’.

Does anyone know what may have caused this, and (more importantly) what do I need to do to resolve this?

please try the setup available at http://www.emclient.com/dist/latest/s… and let us know whether it won’t help.


About 10 minutes after I sent you my initial e-mail, I clicked on the eMClient startup icon, and it came up. eMClient appears to be working again.

However I downloaded and ran the process you linked me to (which appears to be the same thing that I ran prior to e-mailing you), and I got the same exact same error message.

I’m glad it’s working (for now) and have exported & saved the e-mails & addresses I need in case it stops working again. It does seem as though I need that frDbRepairResourcesFile file. Is there any way I can get that manually?


solution for you isn’t getting frDbRepairResourcesFile file but uninstall your current version and install latest one.
Please let us know if this reinstall was successful.


Milos Kovalcik

What if that doesn’t work… the actual solution would be that the installation package would work as intended. Regards