EM Client slow in about everything

Windows 8 / EM Client 7.1.30646.0 Pro
For months Em Client has been exceedingly slow and my patience is finally gone.  Note:  All times are actually timed - no exaggeration.

changing from mail to Calendar  - 30-40 seconds.
Opening an email - 30 sec to 1:30 minutes and often opens behind EMC
starting new email 15-30 seconds
maximizing EMC - 30 sec to 2 min - sometimes I have to click on EMC in task bar 10-15 times before it maximizes
drag and drop email between folders 5-15 seconds for the ‘drop’ to show up

How can I speed this up?

One thing you could try is upgrading to a more current version. You will find the latest available for download at http://www.emclient.com/release-history

As a Pro License user, you are also entitled to VIP Support, so opening a support ticket might provide some solution.