eM client should not show combined catagories

A lot of clutter is created in the contacts list when eM Client creates new groups for contacts who are in multiple categories. We should at least have the option to turn this feature off. 

Hi Kris,
this does not sound like a normal behaviour of the application, what do you mean by new groups? As in folders or categories? Because eM Client will do neither on it’s own. Could it be your server creating these, by any chance?
What account does this happen on?


Here is a screenshot. eM Client creates new catagory groups whenever contacts are in more than on catagory.


Hi Kris,
I see, I initially misunderstood your issue. This behaviour, while not ideal, is working this way on purpose, because otherwise there would be a need to copy the contacts out if they were to be viewed in each category they belong to.
You can choose not to group the contacts though, by sorting it by any other parameter.


Thanks Olivia. Perhaps you can consider adding an option for em client not to create it’s own groupings. My contacts list is very messy and difficult to manage as a result. I’ve also never seen any other contact management software behave this way. In Google contacts, it shows correctly that I have 21 contacts in the social category. eM client shows only 5. The rest of the contacts that should be in the social category are spread around all over the place in other category groupings that EM client has created.