EM client server configuration problem

I am trying to configure em client on my laptop for my personal domain email. The server is hosted by SKY and my incoming server is ‘POP.TOOLS.SKY.COM’ and outgoing is ‘SMTP.TOOLS.SKY.COM’ Whatever combination of server details I use it returns an error '5.7.0 (#AUTH012) incorrect username password I have also received 'connection to zuhair@sheriffs.org.uk failed incorrect settings. Can anybody suggest what I might be doing wrong or better still speak to somebody on the phone. Thanks. Zuhair.

Hi Zuhair, it is unfortunately not possible to use a phone line support as we don’t currently have a phone line support, if the application throws an error about incorrect credentials, this would most likely be due to use of incorrect password or username, or both.

How did you setup the account have you used the automatic setup or the manual setup while creating the account in em client?

Thank you,

I am now using manual setup however to start off I used automatic but would not connect to server. I have a desktop using outlook express which works fine with identical server configuration. The problem seems to be user/id password. Our service provider is SKY and the account holder is my son. At some point we have to use his id/password and not mu email address. I might need to take up this issue with SKY.

Hi again, hope you’ll be able to resolve the issue, please make sure to let us know if the issue persists while using recommended settings/ credentials, or if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.