eM client sent 31 copies of the same email and then sent 549 copies back to me!

Last night I sent an email to someone. I have my program set up so that it automatically forwards a copy to myself so I have it on both my desktop and laptop. Well, the program went crazy! It started sending it over and over again. I shut down the program and rebooted the computer. By that time it showed the email had been sent 31 times in my outbox and I received a forwarded copy 549 times!

What on earth would make this happen? I’m afraid to send another email!!

Can you please send me a screenshot of the rule details?

Hi George,

I’d be glad to. I’m a little hesitant to just post it here as I don’t want everyone in the world to see my email address in the rule. Can I send it directly to you? In the meantime I can tell you what the rule is. After message is sent and my name is not in the To Field, forward to (my email address).

Just so you know - I tried several times yesterday to send a test email. Every time it would appear in my outbox and immediately start duplicating itself. I’d quickly start deleting them as fast as I could and then shut down the program. And every time I reopened the program there would be several copies in my inbox. Fortunately not 549!

Of course - send it directly to me at wilson@emclient.com. Meanwhile I will test it and hopefully we will find a solution soon.

I have sent you an email. Thanks

We are currently working on the fix for this issue. It will be available in the next update.

I am having the same issue and I cannot figure out how to fix it. please help

@Kushal - I don’t think they’ve fixed the bug yet. I have been bcc’ing myself in order to get copies of emails sent on my laptop which is a pain but the only work around since I can’t make a rule to forward it automatically. It’s been 4 months but I’m not aware of any new updates.

Add the exception “Except when sent only to me” to the rule. It should help.

Not sure I understand George. Do I make the rule to forward to myself but with the exception when sent only to me? Wouldn’t that mean it wouldn’t forward to myself? *confused*

It will forward all the sent messages to your email address except the messages you sent to yourself.