Em Client seems to work, but a lot of Operations errors

Em Client is configured, passes account tests successfully, seems to send and receive mail correctly, but generates a lot of error messages like [IMAP] Unable to upload message “…” to folder “sent”. The log shows nothing abnormal

Hello Georges,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for the description, but could we still ask you to post a screenshot of the errors and copy the Log content here? We’d also ask what version do you use (Menu->Help->About).

Thank you,

I thought I had sent a reply, and I do not see it on this problem update. I still have tons of errors. If you got nothing, I will try again.
Oh well I might as well do it again.

Version is 7.0.27943.0
smtp.videotron.ca port 465 use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)
imap.videotron.ca port 993
Windows 10 Home

Hello George,

This error says “Contact admin, system error. Administrator, check server log for details.” Could you please contact your provider/check your server settings to resolve this issue?


I contacted my provider and indeed it looked like they had an error in the server settings. Thanks for your help.

can you tell me what you used to fix the error im getting similar error and videotron keep telling me it my prb


If you don’t find out on this thread from the prev post user @Georges_Mony above, then suggest to contact Videotron on below contact page.

Those above IMAP & SMTP settings do look correct according to the Videotron Server settings page so might be some other Mail server problem at their end that also needs fixing in your mailbox.

(Videotron IMAP & POP settings)

(Videotron Contact Us)