EM Client Running Very Slow

I been using EM Client since MS bailed on windows live mail and it has worked fine on three computers.  Recently the program has been running very slow on all computers.  My accounts are with Outlook and I am running Windows 10.  I have a 10 meg modem and all other programs are working like they always have.  I was wondering if I am having an issue with EM client or Outlook.com?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  

Unfortunately, I don’t have any solutions, but I *am* in the same position.  I started using eM client when Windows Live Mail was no longer supported and it was working fine with my Hotmail account until about a week ago or so.  Now, when I click on a message header in the list of emails, simple text-only messages can take minutes to download or they will not download at all and I am shown an alert that the email message will be downloaded the next time I’m connected to the Internet which makes no sense because I *am* connected to the Internet and if I use the web-based email viewer for Hotmail all of the messages appear quickly and with no problems.

Frustrating. I keep thinking that eM Client will have an update, but nothing so far.  Would love it if someone had a solution.

Once, I re-entered my credentials for my email address and password and the next download of emails was fine, but I do not know yet whether re-entering my credentials was what caused the fix or not, and, a few email downloads later it was back to the same slow or no downloads.

Same here, perfect now … see below


Thank you @Pedro Ramos.  That information has solved my problem too.  Other folks may want to read my additional notes posted there about the setup information, though.

I just set up a new Exchange account and set it as default.  Everything is fine now.  What Ron posted in another thread about clicking on “Mail” and putting your email addy in twice did the trick.  My whole system seems to running faster now.   Thank you Ron, Pedro and everyone.