eM Client running very slow and freezing

I am currently auditioning eM Client. Yesterday, I started to set things up. I was impressed with the program’s capabilities but until I figure out how to do things, I am not yet ready to jump in.

This morning, I booted my computer and attempted to log in to eM Client. The orange splash screen appeared but it took over three minutes for the actual program to load. I gave up and closed the program.

The second attempt had the same results but finally the main window appeared. The next issue was that it took nearly ten minutes for my email account to populate with messages. Obviously, this is unacceptable. Before giving up on eClient, I would like to know if this is a common problem. Should I reinstall the program? Is there something else that I should do to resolve this issue?

As I attempted to use eM Client, more, very serious problems have shown up. Clicking on the first message worked as expected. Clicking on the second message caused to program to just sit there with a spinning circle. Eventually the program froze. After a few more minutes the program reactivated itself without any input from me.

If I cannot get these issue resolved, I will consider eM Client’s evaluation over and give up.

Please help.

sábado 11 junio 2022 :: 1808hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @dsafety

1./ The reason for a delay with the splash screen is perhaps that eMC was not closed correctly, this causes eMC to run a database check the next time eMC is started.
2./ I do not know how you have eMC configured so I suggest that when you close eMC before you shut down your computer you do this: Menu ->Exit and do NOT allow the OS to shut down eMC on shut down as this way the database may not be written correctly resulting in the start up check/repair.
2./ As a new installation of eMC, IMAP will need to do an initial sync with the mail server. Depedant upon the size of the server mailbax, unfortunately this will take as long as it takes based on the mailbox size and the speed of your connection - once the initial sync has taken place the delay should not exist.

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I am pretty sure that I did close eMC properly but I will experiment. All of the IMAP accounts were synced yesterday.