Em client rules only local or reflected in gmail server too?

Hi everyone,
I’m very new to em client and so far I like it. However, I have a question:
If I create a rule in em client, does it remain local or does it get sent to gmail servers too?
To be clearer: I understand that once an email is moved from a folder to another, from within em client, this is obviously reflected server side, however I want that the same rules applies to gmail too so that my phone, for example, receives emails with the same rules applied in em client.
I hope I was clear enough.

Thank you.


The rules only apply once eM Client has accessed the email. So if eM Client is off, you will not see rules applied to new emails on your phone.
You can setup rules (filters) in GMail, that will affect emails before they are collected by eM Client, and hence will be apparent on your phone as well, even if eM Client is not in use.

So basically the answer is yes, em client does sent the rule to the gmail servers, as soon as it’s connected to internet, which in my case is always.
Correct me if I have misunderstood.
I’m asking this because I’d like to avoid to open gmail to set rules, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked and just used the web interface.

Thank you for the help.

No, eM Client does not send the rule to the internet.

Oh, so rules in em client are just for local email management. That’s too bad :(((
Thank you, anyway.