Em Client responding free activation key is invalid even though key details comes from EmClient website

Hello there,

I have received a lost activation key email, and tried to register that key into my emClient software. However, I am getting a response from the client:
“The Provided Activation Key is not valid. If you believe this is an error, please contact the vendor”.
I am fairly certain I have the license information entered correctly, is there a way to confirm that the license itself is valid?

From: “eM Client Licensing”
Date: 8 November 2015 at 5:50:37 PM SGT
To: fabian.chiow@appetitepartners.com
Subject: Lost Activation Key for eM Client

You requested sending information about your eM Client licenses on our website.

Here is information about your license(s)

Name: Fabian Chiow
Type: Free
Users: 1
Issued: 3/18/2015
Expires: 3/17/2016
Activation Key: 04cd8570-a76c-4fa9-b1eb-1d818879****

** I have removed the last 4 digits of the license, not sure if I should put that information here on a public post. If you need that information, please message me.

Hello Kevin,
your license has been blocked. This means you must have broken some of our FREE license policy.
If you believe this to be a mistake or wish to purchase a PRO license, contact our Sales department at sales@emclient.com

Best regards,

Thanks for the quick response. Will check directly with sales@emclient.com