eM Client reset on pc reboot

I am demoing eM client and have been using for over a week. Last night windows 7 x64 installed an update and rebooted. eM Client restarted in initial state with no accounts, calendar or contacts. Previously I was using 5 accounts including Gmail and google calendar, they are all missing. Any way to get my settings back?

That is very strange - where was your database folder saved? It is possible, that the database location has been changed to default so it appears you do not have any data.

The database is in the users directory (default location). Looking in the roaming/emclient directory it appears that the databases are still there including the large amount of emails I imported. Unfortunately they do not show up in emclient. I have rebooted several times. Really don’t want to have to import everything again.

Open Tools - Settings - Storage to see, if the database location is set properly.

That was the problem. For some reason the program created a new users/username/appdata/roaming/emclient directory on my D: drive instead of using the existing files on the C: drive. Very strange. Thanks for your help.