eM Client remains in offline mode after standby

After my computer comes back from standby, I can no longer call up e-mails or access address and calendar servers.

The sync protocol says: “Online status: changed to offline until network availability”
On the other hand, the menu shows me that I am apparently online because I can select the offline mode there. If I do this and then select online again, I get the message: “It is not possible to go online now because no Internet connection is available”.
However, this is not true.

If I exit and restart eM Client, the program behaves normally again. But that can’t be the solution that I have to stop and restart the software every time the computer was in standby.

Does anyone know the problem or have an idea what to do about it?

I’m using Vesion: 8.0.3494 on MacOS 10.13

There are more recent versions in the Release History, one of which is version 8.1

I suggest you make a backup, then upgrade to the latest and see if there is any difference.

Thank you Gary for your prompt reply.

I performed the update. The behavior is the same as before.

By the way: Of course, I used the “Check for updates …” function to check whether I was using the current version before I asked my question. Something doesn’t seem to be working right here either.

I am not familiar with the Mac OS, so can’t really comment on that except to say that a similar issue is there on Windows. Often when resuming from hibernation, the client does not reconnect with the IMAP server. Restarting eM Client seems to be the only resolution.

Updates are not released to all users at the same time, so checking for update from within the application will not always reflect releases on the web site. Apparently this method helps with quality control as first releasing the update to some users helps determine if there are issues before it is released to all others.

If you have a Pro License you could open a support ticket with eM Client. They might be able to offer some suggestions.


I’ve tried the lastest updates but it didn’t help. I am very disappointed.

I was about to make eM Client the standard application in our office.
But it’s just useless with this bug. I cannot explain to users that you have to quit and restart the program several times a day.

And of course I will not buy a license to get support as long as the program does not work in its basic functions.

So if someone from support or sales reads this, please take care of this problem. When this is resolved, I will be happy to purchase the appropriate licenses.