em client reinstall - contacts are not automaticaly added to new message

I have reinstalled em client on my new machine.
Now If I create new mail I have to manually write whole email address (no auto suggestion) This happen if the email has never been used (but I have this contact in received emails). If I create second mail for the same contact, then em client does auto suggest the email address.
How can I import all contact from received mails  to internal?? em client database?
Best regards, Andrej.

There is no way to import the contact details from your emails.

eM Client works in two was to auto suggest addresses:

  1. It looks for then in your contacts.
  2. It uses the recipient history from previous emails you have sent. This list does not look in your Sent folder, it stores each email address when you hit Send.

If you want the settings from your old computer, you can backup eM Client on that computer then restore it on the new one.