eM Client Pro subscribed, yet pop up flashes when eM Client starts

Hello eM Client Team,

I have subscribed to pro, via Microsoft Store.
Last few days, am noticing that, every time I start eM Client, a pop-up window comes up showing restriction of services and asking me to buy pro version.
When I click the link showing ‘buy pro’ the link goes to my Microsoft Account window, wherein, I input MS Acct pw, and then the window shows that I have acquired the pro version, below which the window shows ‘close’, click on it, window closes, and mail accounts added to eM Client starts updating.
Why is this happening.
When I have already subscribed to pro version, via Microsoft Store, why is that eM Client does not recognize this,
This pop-up window is a nuisance.
Can I get a resolution of this problem.

Do you have eM Client installed from the Store, or installed from our website?

If you have eM Client from our website, your subscription through the Store will not work.
You will need to uninstall eM Client, then install it from the Store.

I have installed eM Client via Microsoft Store

Then if you are sure you are using the Store version, and the license is not activated, it would be best for you to contact Microsoft Store for assistance. Those subscriptions are handled by them.

Well, this is always the usual reply one gets, when multiple parties are involved.
Money has been deducted from my account.
Microsoft is an ocean. They would, perhaps, take years to check, much later to respond, if they wish to.
How can then eM Client help resolve.
Passing the buck will not help.
I have subscribed to eM Client, after using it for some time.
Can eM Client trace my subscription account and reply, if my subscription reflects or not.

Looks like the problem is resolved.
I restarted eM Client now, and all mail boxes opened seamless.
Thanks to all, who may have, in the background, may have checked out, if any.

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