eM Client & POP3

How do You do!
I’d like to ask You: May I use eM Client with POP3 e-mail boxes, if it possible, how to adjust Your programm?

Click Tools - Accounts - New Account - Mail - Other. New window will appear where you can setup your account manually.

thanx … with your tip has i foundet now the pop3,but:
the Port-Numbers … i missing the fields
or is this in te field behind the servernames,like: securepop.t-online.de:995 ?
But … this is also failure. Have you please a notice for me?

The ‘fix’-Button in this aerea shows me after five minutes not a positive result :frowning:

(sorry,i can only a little bit the english language :slight_smile:

Just loaded eM, and it will not accept or function EXCEPT using ports 110 and 25.  These are unsecure.  It will not accept 993/995 inbound for imap or pop, and will not accept 465 or 587 outbound for smtp.  Windows Live Mail is running on these upgraded servers, but eM will not on the same machine.  Moreover, WLM uses pop.verizon.net and smtp.verizon.net while eM demands and defaults to incoming.verizon.net and outgoing.verizon.net … these last two are obsoleted by the move to AOL.  Why is eM’s server default in the stone age?

Have you tried editing the account after the auto setup?  I use both 993 and 587.  Go to menu/tools/accounts.

Many times and many ways.  Tried setting up in imap and pop manually in a variety of ways.  All that would work as the 110 & 25 ports.  I finally found a way that worked: use the “SSL/TLS on a special port, legacy” option with 995 and 465.  The irony is it’s 110 & 25 that are ancient, and legacy.  995 & 465 or 587 are the more current and much more secure settings.  No idea why it works this way but it does.

Yeah, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that.  Glad it worked out, though.

Thanks.  I am too.  Maybe eM will figure out what’s obsolete and what’s current some day.  Best to you.