eM Client only imported some of my email folders from my old client (WIndows Live Mail), but not all of them. Why? and

I just download eM Client onto my PC, and it never asked me to if I wanted to import anything from my old client (Windows Live Mail), it just did it.  I thought that was great, until I discovered that it only imported some of my old email folders, but not others (seems to be random).  I need them all!  Why did it only import some, and how do I get them all imported?

eM Client won’t just import; there would have been some option that you agreed to when starting the application for the first time. What could have happened, though, is that when eM Client connected to your email server, the data that is was there is now visible.

But you can always import at a later stage by going to Menu > File > Import > WLM. Hopefully that way you will get the rest of your data.

Thank you!  If I do as you suggest, will it re-import what has been imported so far, along with what hasn’t been imported, and give me double of all those previously imported emails/folders?  That’s what I was worried about, as I don’t want to have to wade through all the emails to delete duplicates (there are thousands).

You can select which items to import and where to import them to. If you end up with duplicates, eM Client has a handy Deduplicator for removing them. You will find that in Menu > Tools > Deduplicator.