eM Client on AppleMac

 I am a non technical user: what details do I require to set up my newly purchased AppleMac to receive emails?

Hello David, not quite sure what you’re referring to as details, however please note that eM Client is currently only available for Windows, so you might not be able to install or run the application without using this operating system.

We’re however working on a Mac version as well, but I can’t share more details just yet.


HELLO all EM client staff.

I have loaded and tested EM client on our windows machine. We are also going to ask some of our windows clients to try it as OUTLOOK has had so many errors. IMAP works very well on EM client.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE when will EM client for Apple be ready. We have a number of clients on Apple as well and the email clients on Apple really cannot compare to EM client.

Please make Em Client Apple soon ! thanks for your great work.

Thanks Olivia for talking to me today also online.

danny at acttechnical.com