eM Client often doesn't start in iMac Pro, bouncing up and down until I force-quit it. It does open eventually

I’ve  used eMClient very happily indeed for some years with Windows. Recently loaded it to my iMac Pro.  Often it doesn’t start in the Mac, bouncing up and down until I force-quit it.  Is this a known problem and is there a way to cure it?  Would a paid-for license make it better, or no different? Thanks for any suggestions, answers, help.

Hello Brian,
I use eMClient ( version 7.2.35700.0) with Imac and MacBook pro. I have a pro- license (paid) and have no problems with it.

Can’t help you with starting issues on the Mac, Brian, but this is not an issue of Free vs Pro License. There is only one application, but depending on which license you activate, some features like unlimited translations and number of email accounts are affected. Whichever license you have, changing to another will not affect how the application loads.

Thanks Huber, Gary.  I prefer eMClient to most other email apps I know for mostly 2 reasons, the ability to put photos in the body of the email (although they doesn’t always arrive that way for recipients) and also the ability to Forward as original!  The start / nonstart problem is very intermittent and may be idiosyncratic to my system!