eM Client often crashes when trying to open an event in calendar

eMC v8.1.1060 W10

For an unknown reason, eMC crashes when I try to open an event in a calendar (by double clicking or by right clicking then Open). This behavior seems to occur randomly, maybe once in every 2 to 3 similar actions. It affects events set by others as well as events I set myself.

I tested this behavior over the course of a week (the problem arose with my upgrade to v.8.1.160) and I couldn’t notice any given pattern: crashing will happen with all kind of events (set in eMC, in Google Calendar, in Zoom, in Zoom with the Google Calendar add-on, etc.).

And each time, eMC closes and checks the database (which never contains any error). I did a clean reinstall of eMC but it didn’t change behavior. Crashing still happens several times a day.

The error output I was about to copy and paste here contains 234 pages! I sent it numerous times to eMC and explained this odd behavior. I’m just waiting a bit before contacting support, hoping a user here might have an ‘easy fix’ .

Any one is experiencing this issue?

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Am I the only one with this issue?

I am trialing emclient at the moment , just installed the latest version yesterday and the same issue has happened to me several times today - exactly as you describe. I sent a message when requested.

Any help appreciated.


I opened a ticket with support yesterday. I’ll keep you updated.

Yes i too had eM Client creash back to the desktop once today when i tried to open a Gmail Calendar event by dbl-clicking it. I got the restart emc message and to send the error report which i did.

Using EMC V8.1.060 for Windows

I encountered this issue too for a couple of months. The latest crash yesterday on v8.1.1060. It doesn’t occur too often.
Sometimes the Event Description has been lost or not synchronized to mail server. I use two computers and sometimes Event Description created on one computer has different (truncated) content on the other computer. As I said, it occured rarely. I haven’t seen it until 8.1.1054

Thank you @Moss, @cyberzork, and @Vladimir_Losinsky. Support team has a link to this thread so I hope they’re monitoring it.

Thanks for the update

This happened again this morning when dbl-clicking a Gmail calendar event, and i have the crash error report in notepad, but cannot paste it in this thread as says “Its too long” to paste in (more than 3200 char). I wonder if there is an email address I could send it too as an example ?

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You don’t need to email it (when I copied the error log to Word it took 235 pages!). If it happens again just send the error report after the restart eMC message.

If ever you have a pro account it would be great if you too could open a ticket about this issue. I have no doubt about eMC technical team handling my request seriously but I just want to let them know this is not an isolated issue.


Ok I’ll just keep clicking the send error button.

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I forgot mention, that my calendar is not Gmail. My calendar is (CalDAV account) on Kerio mail server.

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No, I just posted the same issue, amongst other issues.

Thanks, I saw your other thread few minutes ago.

I now try to right hand side click /open until a solution is found.

In my case it crashes even with that method, unfortunately.

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We tried to reproduce the problem but to no avail. Could you either post here the full error report or send it directly to me at wilson@emclient.com, please? Simply click the button “Show error” and attach the log to your reply.
Thank you.

Thank you @George_Wilson. I’ll send the error log to your email in few minutes.

Edit.: Done.

To all: We’ve fixed this issue so you can download and install the updated version of eM Client from here: https://www.emclient.com/dist/v8.1.1087/setup.msi

Please let me know if it helped.

Edit: Updated link


So far so good with the V8.1.1084. No crashes yet dbl-clicking any Gmail Calendar events :slight_smile:

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