Em client not syncing caldav

I setup a sogo server and sync works fine from my phone but sometimes failed for emclient. For example I noticed a red icon next to my account in emclient and setup some calendar entries. I thought ok there is a sync error, If I click refresh it will work it out. But it never uploaded the entries just kept them locally. Then I closed em client and opened it again to sync the existing entries. Even the the red icon dissapeard em client didn’t upload the entries. Then I clicked one of the entries and manually changed some values and saved it again. Then it suddenly duplicated the entry for the day and uploaded one to the server and it appeared on my phone. This behavior makes me believe there might be bugs with caldav sync in the latest version of em client.

The red chevron means a communication or some error on the server.

If you have a Pro license I suggest you open a support ticket with us (Menu > Help > Get VIP Support) and we can look at some diagnostics to see where the issue is.

Ok but this is definitely a Bug. Just want to let you know. Works all fine with other clients.

Without diagnostics, it is not possible to say what the issue is. If you want to open a support ticket, we can say for sure.

I recorded the issue. It can be viewed on YouTube: https://youtu.be/8VBzmFz368o
I think whats happening is that EmClient creates an entry with the same ID if you move a calendar entry from one account to another. Then when you copy this item, it get’s dupicated with the same ID again. When you change one of the entries it affects the other entry too, like they are actually one.