eM Client not showing subject of GPG encrypted email

Someone sent me an email encrypted via GPG. The message body can be decrypted. All good. But the subject is just shown as three period “…”.
I have Thunderbird too and there the subject is shown correctly.

Is this some sort of setting or a bug?

This is on Windows 11.
eM Client version: 9.1.2109 (9967b93)

It’s a shame that I still have to use Thunderbird because of this bug… is there no chance of fixing this?

There was a bug in 9.1 with localizations that caused the subject to be truncated in some instances.

What language do you have eM Client set to?

Can you upgrade to the latest release and see if there is any difference? You can get the latest from the Release History.

Hi Gary, thanks for the reply. I’m using the latest version now and the language is simply English (UK). The subject does not contain any special characters either. Just plain English. The last email I reproduced the issue with simply had “Encryption test” as its subject.

So it’s not gonna be length either I reckon.

In any case I finally figured out that I actually do have access to the support. I’ve created a ticket with all the relevant information. Hopefully that will lead to a fix.