eM Client not showing recent sent items

eM Client shows older sent items but not recent sent items

Ann, I’m no expert with eM Client, but I’ve noticed exactly the same thing, and I believe it is nothing to worry about.

I suspect the Sent items folder is only updated when it is synchronised with the equivalent folder on your email server, which seems to take several minutes sometimes.

So far they always appear eventually, so I think this might be a minor nuisance rather than a real bug.


Please, check the Sent folder in your email account directly on the web (Gmail.com/Outlook.com/…). If those emails are also missing there it is probably wrong setting of that online account and they were not saved on the server of email provider.


I have the same issue, but this is with a classical POP3 setup. Sent Items is a locally stored thing. And yet since 24-4-2019, anything I  have sent, is missing in the view. When I search for the items, I find them. What can be happening here?