em client not sending mails

hi, what can the problem be, i can ́t send e mails. i write them ll right, when i send it either it appears in the sent folder, however the message does not reach the recipient. suspected a port blocking for port 25, changed to port 26, the message goes to the outbox but still is not sent. am i using the wrong port? my provider is ciudad.com.ar here in argentina

when a message appears in Sent folder that means port is alright and your message is already on the server. If a message is in Sent folder and it does not reach recipient it’s problem on the server.


Milos Kovalcik.

Your SMTP server should have a fix port. You can’t just change from port 25 to port 26. And like Milos said, once when a e-mail is in Send folder. The mail has being send out. It should be a problem of recipient side. If you want to check, send an e-mail to yourself and see if you receive the e-mail. If you do, than you have no problem on your side.