Em Client "Not Respondin"

Can anyone help- or advise me please, My Em Client keeps posting a message at the top of the screen eM Client (Not Responding) This is happening more and more, but today it happens whenever I get an email with an attachment, If I wait long enough (Maybe and hour) it will finally open the offending email and I can carry on but this is driving me potty.

Hello Derek,
does eM Client crash or does it just get stuck downloading the messages?
Have you perhaps recently tried sending a large message yourself?

Try opening eM Client in offline mode (hold CTRL when starting up the program, the lover left sync indicator should say OFFLINE)
Make a search for large messages (Advanced search)

Move the largest messages to Local folders/export them to your computer/remove them from eM Client.
Restart the application.
Turn eM Client back to online mode (Menu>File, uncheck the Work offline option) and see if the same error pops up.


Thanks Olivia I’ve done as you suggested so Far OK


Hi Olivia, The problem is still happening so if you have any more suggestions I would welcome them