eM Client not receiving mail from Centurylink.net

Wife uses eM Client. It isn’t picking up new mail from centurylink.net.

Log says:
A task was canceled.
AtMailClientProtocola.Imap.ImapAccount_SynchronizeIntAsync(Boolean forced)
GUIStatus_Exception_Reported = True

Account settings are correct.

This just started 24 hours ago. clink web mail is working just fine.

Account settings are correct.

This just started 24 hours ago. CenturyLlink web mail is working just fine

The below are the CenturyLink IMAP & POP account settings, so if you already have these settings and the problem only just started, then could be a CenturyLink server related issue.

So first try rebooting your computer if you haven’t already and try again.

Also “if you have any eg: Optional Firewall / Security programs, Optional Antivirus programs or VPNs”, try completely disabling those to test in case they are interfering.

Failing that suggest you contact CenturyLink technical support for assistance.

(CenturyLink support form link)


(CenturyLink POP & IMAP settings)


Incoming Server (choose POP or IMAP)

POP: pop.centurylink.net, Port: 995, Security: SSL

IMAP: mail.centurylink.net, Port: 993, Security: SSL

Outgoing Server

SMTP: smtp.centurylink.net, Port: 587, Security: TLS if available

Thanks for the reply, but as I stated, all settings are correct. CenturyLink says that with the correct settings in place, it’s likely a client issue