eM Client not quite the finished product perhaps.

I have been using eM for a while now and must say I find it great and easy to use with nice features. I do suffer from the not closing properly and running checks when it restarts along with not emptying items in the deleted/trash folder when instructed to do so. These are not serious issues in my case, personal user,  just little things that need tweeking. They certainly won’t make me stop using eM.

I don’t think this is a common issue, at least it has not been for a long time since changes were made to correct the issue. What version of eM Client are you using?

Hi Gary. I am still having these issues. Now when eM starts there is a red triangle beside my inbox and I have to request " receive all " to check for mail as auto check is not working.


If this is with the beta version, first make sure you are using the latest one available in the Release History. If that does not work, please send feedback to testing@emclient.com

Otherwise temporarily disable your anti-virus/firewall application and see if there is any difference.