EM Client not opening

My EM Client won’t open when I click on my desktop icon. I have tried opening it through the Start menu for the past two days and it just never loads. What could be causing this?


have you made any recent changes to eM Client manually? (like editing database or installation folder) or to your computer?

Also do you remember what version exactly do you have and can you tell me if there are any error messages?

plus turn on Windows task manager and then try to run eM Client and tell me if there will be process called “mailclient.exe” shown.

with regards

Hi John,

I haven’t made any changes.

I’m not able to see which version I have right now. It doesn’t show up under “properties” when I right-click.

No error messages, it just never opens.

Yes, “mailclient.exe” is shown.

Does that help narrow it down?

in this case please use this http://www.emclient.com/tools/emstack… when your eM Client will freeze again and send me created file to [email protected] together with this topic’s url in subject.

with regards