em client not opening some links

I’ve been using em client for years and recently some emails that have links, the links will not open. this is the error message that I keep getting 

Opening Dangerous Link

THis may pose a security risk. Are you really sure you want to open this link?

I type “Yes” nothing happens except a new error window opens:

Windows cannot find. 

Make sure you typed it correctly

At first it only happened with recent PayPal links.  I get a lot of PayPal payments so I tried clicking on old emails with PayPal links and they worked. But the most recent PayPal emails the links don’t work.  

I thought this must have something to do with PayPal and that they will eventually resolve this. but then today I got an email from Canon forum and that link would not open either I tried earlier Canon Forum links and they did open. 

 I changed my default browser from chrome to Internet Explorer that didn’t help I disabled my AVG virus protection Internet Security and that didn’t work.  so I’m beginning to think that maybe this is an em client error message that is coming up. if so is there a way I can disable it? I’d rather make my own decisions as to whether a link is dangerous.  has anyone else seen this Behavior?

Yes, this is a bug with the current version of eM Client that affects messages in IMAP folders.

The developers are aware of it and are working to have it fixed for the next release.

So glad to hear this. Thanks so much

I just installed the 11 29 19 version and the problem isn’t fixed. instead of an error message when clicking the link, nothing happens. Other links work. Can you report this please?

No, unfortunately it was not in the 7.2.37472 release.

What I since discovered is that although “it has been fixed and should be included in one of the upcoming releases”, it has not yet been built into the application.