eM Client not fully syncing properly

I discovered eM client 2 weeks ago and am totally in love with a tool that allows me to view and manage all my email accounts (I have 4) in one central place from my PC!  Awesome!

I just wondered something and hope someone has the answer for me.  Each of my accounts that I have set up receives and sends new mail with no problems.  However, if I happen to view my email using my phone or my ipad, any changes I make on these devices (such as deletions, or moving into different folders) aren’t reflected / updated in eM client on my PC.  So I have ended up deleting and filing twice and it is sending me a bit loopy.

Does anyone have a solution that means changes made to mail external to eM client are reflected in the eM client tool?


Hi, are you using IMAP accounts in eM client and on your other devices?

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Hi, sorry, I don’t know what that means.  What are IMAp accounts?  I have two yahoo accounts, one POP3 account and one gmail account.

POP3 accounts only receive new email and do not synchronize the folders on your email account, so if you want your emails synchronized between devices you have to setup IMAP accounts.
If you’re creating a new account the automatic setup should automatically discovery and setup an IMAP account, unless IMAP is disabled on your server.

Can you please go to Tools > Accounts > Your problematic account (that does not synchronize), and make a screenshot of the account setting?

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Thanks for this.  I have gone into the Accounts window and see there is no IMAP tab for the problematic account.  I don’t know how to set this up correctly now and fix it.

Hi again, as I said , in order to have this account synchronized it has to be setup as IMAP, how did you setup this account, did you use the automatic setup?
This is a private domain email address, what hosting service are you using?

If you have the option I suggest contacting your IT/network administrator to advise on how to setup your account as IMAP with your domain, some service do not have IMAP protocol enabled, so it might not be possible though.

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