eM Client not displaying some emails correctly

Emails I am receiving from one source are not displaying correctly. Outlook/Gmail etc are displaying it correctly. It’s missing some important information such as links. 

I have only (currently) found one source where this is happening.

I am very impressed with eM Client so would prefer not to move away to another client. Hopefully this can be looked into.

I’m happy to send copy of emails when requested.


Hi Paul.

I can take a look at one of the messages if you forward it to me. In eM Client right-click on the message and choose Forward as attachment. Send it to me gary.curtin@gmail.com

This happens when conversation mode is enabled, and eM Client incorrectly takes text in the message body as being quoted text, and hides it with the infamous three dots. In this case it was a bulleted list using

HTM tags.

Unfortunately Paul was not able to see the expandable dots as they were above an image. Only because I did not enable external content I was able to see the dots right away. Clicking on them will expand the text.

When external content is enabled, they are there but not immediately noticeable.

Until such time as eM Client makes it possible to disable this “feature” or fixes the problem, you either need to be super observant for any hidden dots, or disable conversations.

Fabulous. Thanks very much for this Gary. Much appreciated. I always debate whether to have conversation mode or not in the different email clients I have tried. This makes up my mind. happy to not have conversation mode enabled.

Thanks again Gary.

Conversation mode is a conundrum. It is very useful, but it causes many problems for the uninitiated. :frowning: