eM Client Not Creating GMail Labels Correctly

I’ve noticed that when I create a folder in eM Client for my GMail account that the folder is not being created correctly in GMail.

I realize that GMail uses labels as opposed to the term folder and that multiple labels can be applied to a particular email. I generally don’t work in GMail itself, so I normally only have one label applied to an email.

I am finding that when I create a folder in eM Client and then view my folder list on my iOS devices, the folder/label does not show up in the correct location. I keep all of my folders under the “Inbox”. When I create a new folder in eM Client and it syncs with GMail, GMail appears to capitalize “INBOX”. This means that the sub-folders are not under the “Inbox” tree, but under a new “INBOX” tree.

Once I go to GMail and correct the capitalization issue, the folder shows up in the correct location.

Anyone else seeing this? I’ve also submitted a bug report to eM Client.

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Hi Champion,

it’s not a good idea to create folders as subfolders of the inbox. Move them to a new folder like “MailStorage” at the level of “Archives”, but not under “Archives”, this works much better. Under “MailStorage” you can create as many subfolders as you like. Check the result at GMail directly.

Good luck
Ritchie - normal user

Well, that did resolve the issue of the label not being created correctly, although, I guess, technically it is a workaround.

It would be nice for eM Client to actually resolve the above issue.

I don’t see why it is a bad idea to create folders under the Inbox. There should be no difference with how the emails are stored no matter where the folder is. Or are you being specific to how GMail works?

I don’t use GMail for except for calendar and contacts and this one email account for mail. As such, I never use the website and just check my email via my iOS devices and with eM Client.

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I don’t agree with you - sorry. Mails should never kept in the inbox folder for a long time. I use to keep my mails the way I described it and it works well. Why do you want to do something else, when a solution of your problem is already found???

eM7 should not allow to create subfolders of the inbox, this would be much better!

It’s a Gmail thing to have Folders at the same level as the Inbox for synchronization to an email client to work properly. It’s the same for Outlook.

I am not keeping mail in my Inbox folder. I have subfolders off of the Inbox. And as far as I know, I don’t know of any hard and fast rule that says that you can’t or shouldn’t have subfolders to your Inbox.

As for the solution, I didn’t say that it didn’t work. It does work and for the time being I have done that. However, it is really just a workaround for the issue at hand. The issue is that when eM Client creates subfolders to the Inbox for GMail accounts, it syncs them in all caps, which messes up the folder hierarchy in GMail.

And for the record, this issue does not occur with any of my other IMAP or Microsoft Exchange accounts.

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I have an Exchange account for which I also had all my folders under the Inbox. I never had any issues with folders I created in eM Client causing issues when synced back to Exchange.

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Right, you are using Exchange. As I mentioned before, this is a Gmail thing… You would have to reach out to Google. We have a lot of Users that had to restructure their “Inboxes & folders” in Outlook when a switch to Google Apps for Work was made so I understand the frustration.

I also use gmail for business and have sub-folders under inbox with no issues.

Look. Just trying to help… 

Sorry, not trying to criticize.  I’m just sharing my personal experience.

@T Brown:

You mentioned that Outlook has the same issue with synchronization to an email client. I assumed you were referring to Exchange, which I also use, with no problems in syncing to eM Client. I also use Outlook at work (connected to Exchange) and never had an issue with having folders under the Inbox.

FYI, I heard back from eM Client Support. It appears that the issue is on GMail’s side. The folder name is being sent back to GMail with the correct case, but GMail is then changing it to all caps. They stated they would look into it further to see if anything can be done on the eM Client side.

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I meant that I have seen eM Client have the same trouble as Outlook when it comes to syncing with Gmail. My experience is that unless you are using the Gmail browser to Gmail Browser you are going to run into some kind of problem at some point when using a third party email client and Gmail.

Hopefully, they will look into the other issues with the labeling as well. Every new email I receive gets the “Important” label applied to it, and I have another label that I cannot remove from a mail item once it has been applied, i.e. “Follow up”.