eM Client not closing down

When I close down my computer at night I click the X to close eM Client but then when I boot up in the morning I get a message the eM did not close down properly and needs to check all the information.  Is this normal or do I need to close down in a different way


This is a known problem. You can try closing eM Client a short while before you shutdown Windows, that might help.

Also, the latest update available to download at http://www.emclient.com/release-history does not experience this problem as much as earlier versions.

I am very new to eM client and when I check for updates it said there were none, but when I clicked your link there was one, confused!

Yes, the update option in eM Client does not notify you of all updates, especially minor ones. But if there is some problem, it is always advisable to check if there is a newer version as some issues may have been addressed.


I see this issue is 2 years old but I have just recently begun using eM and am having the same problem. Also I note that the programme is slow to respond to commands like print.


If you are still getting “EMClient was not shut down correctly” and have the latest version, try upgrading to an SSD (Solid state) hard-disk if you haven’t already. That will improve the speed in closing the mail database on exit to avoid any possible errors on startup which worked for me when i had that issue. Also improves dramatically the opening of the program and printing speeds etc of the client as well.