eM Client - Not backing up after upgrade to version 7.1.30794.0

I was prompted to go to the latest version of eM Client last week. The update ran without errors.

According to the settings, it backs up every day at 1:04 PM … Did this under the previous version as well.

However, it doesn’t appear to be backing anything up now, and there are no old versions of backup in the Trash bin although the software is set to hold 5 days before trashing the oldest.

It’s got to be me, but I can’t find a place where I can change a setting that will do what the old version did.

I don’t believe you will see any old backups in the trash (either eM Client or Windows).  Verify that it is backing up by going to the backup location.  You can get this by going to menu/tools/settings/backup and see the target directory.

Thanks for the reply.

Under 6.0 and the version prior to 7.1 the software rolled the oldest backups into the windows trash bin, that was a good indication that it had backed up the current data.

It now appears that by updating to the latest version it wiped out all the old backups in the target directory. Looks like it is ready to roll the 1st backup on 07/31 into the trash today.

And that begs yet another question: Why are the backup sizes so large?  I deleted a ton of old emails two weeks ago, but the size of the backups has continued to climb from 60 Mb to over 80 Mb