em client never obtains server configuration records

I am trying to connect to an exchange server and eM Client won’t get past step 1 (Server Information). Automatic set-up never obtains server configuration records (waited 15 min). Then I tried new account>mail>exchange>next, put in email address, user name (with and without domain in front of username), and password and it never obtains server configuration records (waited 15 min each time). After searching this forum I found that I should put my email address in both email address and user name. This was by an eM Client representative responding to someone else having similar issues about 4 months ago. He said if the client couldn’t connect it would give you the opportunity to enter the server and domain. But it never did. I waited 45 min and it never obtains server configuration records. How do I connect to an exchange server? It is an Exchange 2013 Webmail account.


With me it also took very long (hours?) before my hotmail account was working again, during set up as an Exchange account. Obtaining the ‘server configuration records’ just seems to take a long, long time.

I just let the setup run during the night, and the next morning everything was okay. My hotmail account is working again.

Thank your for the reply Hans. I did get connected by using the mail>outlook option. It couldn’t connect at first because it tries to use the outlook server. I changed the server to what my provider uses on AirSync, SMTP, and IMAP tabs, then it connects and I get my emails. However, I get an AirSync error for calendar every time I open eM Client. I ignore and it works. I even set-up a calendar meeting as a test and it worked. I can see it on my PC calendar as well as my android phone calendar. Not sure why it works but I get the error. Also, when I send an email it does not save a copy in sent folder whether I have the box checked or not (to save a copy in sent). I set-up a  rule to save a copy in the sent folder and that fixed that problem. So I have it working…kind of. I will try to connect with mail>exchange and letting it run for a longer period of time to see if that alleviates the errors.

Well, I let it try for 9 hours and nothing.  Never obtains configuration. I set my PC power to never sleep so I know it had the full time to connect and get configuration. I hope eM Client fixes this in the next release. Not sure why they don’t have a true manual set-up option or at least a timeout, and then it asks for configuration details. I guess I’ll set it up using mail>outlook and live with the nuances. 

Well, I’m at it again trying to set-up eM Client with my exchange server. The calendar wasn’t working correctly so I deleted the account and tried adding back as an outlook account like I did previously but now it won’t connect. Keeps asking me for my Microsoft account and password. So I thought I would do it correctly and add it as an exchange account. I put my email address in both email and username, then my password. It never obtains server configuration records. I tried it on a windows 8 machine and it works. It did take a few minutes to obtain server configuration records. On the Windows 10 machine, it never does (at over 2 hrs now). I have turned off Windows Defender and all other protection and still a no go. Anyone have any ideas?

Well, it tried all night. That makes about 14 hours and it never obtained server configuration records. I had all my virus protection turned off. I stopped it and turned everything back on and started trying to add the exchange account again but have little faith it will work. I guess eM Client just doesn’t work with exchange on Windows 10. Has anyone gotten eM Client exchange to connect on Windows 10?

I’m having the same problem. Is there a solution?

eM Client does maintain a list of servers and their settings for instances where auto discovery does not work or the discovered settings are incorrect.

It might be that your server is not listed there. Who is your provider?

It’s a private work hosted mail server.

Yes, eM Client works just fine with Exchange from a Windows 10 platform, both in setup and normal use. There might be something different in your Windows 10 system than would normally be there.

Because private servers are obviously not listed in eM Client’s settings, and the auto discovery is not working, your best option is to open a ticket at Pro Support https://support.emclient.com and have them check your setup.

I have the same mail server on my phone and in works fine in outlook. I’m not sure why eM is struggling and doesn’t just allow me to configure it manually.

Yeah, it may be some glitch, but also eM Client works a little different to Outlook or your iOS or Android apps. Pro Support should be able to help you.

I don’t have Pro. Is that going to be a problem?

If you want to use eM Client for business, you need to get a Pro License. This will also give you access to VIP support.

But I have a suggestion anyway. Instead of using Automatic Setup for your account, use Mail > Exchange, then enter the details provided by your server admin. See if that works.

Thanks for trying but that is exactly what I was doing.

I would consider getting Pro is I could get the basic version to…you know… actually work.

So for the sake of clarity, I went to the screen posted in your screen shot above. Clicked next. This brought me to the below screen. Where I filled out the information and then I get frozen on the “Obtaining server configuration records.”

I have no option to configure the server/domain or any other details.

Can someone please help me get my work email onto eM client?

I think because the setup of an Exchange account in eM Client does not allow you to initially enter custom details, the only option is to setup an Outlook.com account as Exchange and then go in and change the server details to your local one.

What’s the process for doing that?

If you don’t already have one, go to outlook.com and create an account.

In eM Client add a new Exchange account as above, using your new outlook.com username and password. Once the account is setup, go to the settings and change the server details you your own.