EM Client losing emails when downloading from server

I have been able to determine that emails are being lost when downloading from server (hotmail) to EM Client.  These lost emails show up as nobody@invalid.invalid and they do not seem to form a pattern based on sender or content.   This is a major problem and reason for me to abandon EM Client if the issue cannot be identified and corrected.  I have only become aware of this situation in the week or so.  Is anyone else aware of this?

Yes.  This is the same problem I am currently having.  I have been able to cross-reference some of the messages by going into Outlook.com and comparing Inboxes.

I am experiencing this problem too; along with old deleted messages from 2014 - 2015 downloading to my email. 

I guess you cannot blame emClient in this case rather Outlook/Hotmail for this issue. I’ve many account using different providers (not Outook, btw) and did not see any issue the past 24 hours.

emClient did not give us an update the last few weeks, hence I guess it’s not a recent emClient bug.


to anyone experiencing this with the hotmail/outlook accounts, do you have your account set up as AirSync? If so, the issue might be caused by this, seeing as Microsoft ended the support of this mail protocol for its servers. Please remove and set up your account again manually as IMAP in Tools>Accounts>New Account>Mail>Other and see if that fixes the issue.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Olivia-- I started to do that and then thought I should check on the process with you.  My concern is that if I set up a new account, I there might be unwanted consequences for the stuff I already have in em client.  Do I need to remove the current account?  If I do that, what  happens to the emails that I currently have in em client.  I do not want to go through the lengthy synchronization process yet again.  Is there some way to simply modify the protocols in the existing account?  I don’t see one right off.

OK-- So many hours later, I have finally gotten rid of all of the nobody@invalid.invalid messages.  It took persistence because often em client could not remove them from ‘trash’.  Since the original emails were still on the server, most of them were eventually successfully loaded to em client in a series of synchronizations.  Now there is only one folder that won’t synch up and that in itself is causing problems.  Em Client is, if nothing else, persistent.  It continues to try synching this folder from the server, but it continually fails.  There is no error-- it just sits there stuck on this task.  That means I cannot send out emails.  Very frustrated.  

Olivia suggested changing the setup, but I am concerned (see above) that I will lose the emails I have uploaded if I set up a new account.  There does not seem to be a way to modify the existing account or even see how it is set up.  I think I am using ‘airsynch’ because of the indication in the log.  BTW:  It is now 11:25 AM.  Here is the last log entry:
10:39:33 AM tmorarre@msn.com [AirSync]  Uploading item(s) to folder ‘tmorarre@msn.com/Inbox/Tina/’  

Note that it has been almost an hour.

Now I finally got this error and the messages waiting in the outbox are being sent.  Whew.
11:27:28 AM   MailExceptions.OperationException: Error in client/server conversion.
11:27:28 AM tmorarre@msn.com [AirSync]  Synchronizing folder list
11:27:30 AM tmorarre@msn.com [AirSync]  Sending email

Wait!  It only sent one of them and then started synching again:

11:27:30 AM tmorarre@msn.com [AirSync]  Sending email: Re[2]: Australian Shepherds
11:27:44 AM tmorarre@msn.com [AirSync]  Uploading item(s) to folder ‘tmorarre@msn.com/Inbox/’
11:27:45 AM tmorarre@msn.com [AirSync]  Uploading item(s) to folder ‘tmorarre@msn.com/Inbox/’

And now it is back to trying to synch that same miscreant folder:

11:27:46 AM tmorarre@msn.com [AirSync]  Uploading item(s) to folder ‘tmorarre@msn.com/Inbox/Tina/’

I don’t know why it is uploading to the server since the server seems to have more messages than the client.

Hi Thomas,
the account is constantly trying to sync, but fails, because the AirSync mail protocol is no longer supported by Microsoft accounts.
You can have the same email set up with different protocols. So you can set up the IMAP along the AirSync, check if all your important data is there, if any of your local mails are missing, you can drop them from the AirSync setup to the IMAP one and then remove the AirSync setup all together. Both AirSync and IMAP are mail protocols that synchronize to the server. So if all your data is on the server (for example seen through the webmail interface) then thats the data your IMAP setup will synchronize to.
Setup your IMAP account manually using the Mail>Other option.