eM Client locks up everytime I try to open an email from work colleague

Hi there,

Apart from a few teething issues, I’m enjoying using eM Client… except for the fact that I can’t open emails from one of my work colleagues. Each time I try, the programme locks up and I have to ctrl/alt/del and restart it. After doing this a few times it eventually lets me open it (after waiting for a few minutes). And once it’s open I have no problems. 

I have no issues opening these emails in outlook etc, just eM Client. Very strange as we both use the same email server and I don’t have any issues with other colleagues.

Look forward to finding a solution.


Is there anything in the email that could be causing this, like linked images or large attachments?

As a Pro License user, you are entitled to VIP Support. It might be quicker for you to open a support ticket and they will be able to assist you further.

Thanks Gary - it could be attachments? In my work I’m often dealing with largeish attachments… but surely eM Client can handle that? Might check out VIP support. Cheers :slight_smile:

eM Client should not stumble with attachments as large as your service provider will allow, so there may be something else. It would be interesting to see what Support comes up with.