eM Client locked, prompting for payment

I installed free version of eM client on a desktop and a laptop. The desktop version is working fine, but the laptop version worked for some time and then suddenly displays a message indicating my trial is over and I need to get a paid version. AFAIK I did not download the Pro free trial version, but in any case is there a way I can d/l the free version again and use the profile information already on the hard drive?

The demo version is always Pro.  The only difference between the free and pro versions is a) free can only be used for non-commercial and b) free is limited to accessing 2 email accounts.  Go to the eM Client website and acquire a free license.  When you get it go to menu/help/license and enter the key.  No need to reinstall.

Please note that if your demo has expired, it will not download new messages.  Therefore, to get the license you will have to use another email client to retrieve it.

Also please note that the license is per machine.  If you want it on 2 machines, you will need 2 licenses.  Both can be free, you will just have to register using 2 different email accounts.

Thanks for the info - I downloaded a free license and was able to apply it to my existing demo copy of the client. The license box under Help now displays “License type: Free”. I appreciate the tip.