em Client limits theme customization

In attempting to customize a dark theme, there seems to be something eM Client may have done that can’t be modified by users and makes some aspects of Dark themes come out poorly implemented, even in the stock 7.2 Dark Theme.

The font colors in the right sidebars, i.e. in Contact Details and Agenda, don’t seem to be in the theme file, yet eM Client sets them separately in their version 7.2 Dark Theme. 

In fact, the stock Dark Theme has a white font in the Agenda and Contact Data panes, but if you export that theme then import it **unchanged** the font in the Agenda pane will be black!

That means all user generated Dark Themes have to find a compromise when setting the background for the right sidebar so both light and dark fonts will be visible. This ruins the professional look of the product.

So it seems as if there is a lose-lose situation here. It’s impossible to find a background that provides good contrast for both.

Can eM Client at least make the backgrounds of the Agenda, Chat and Contact Details independently set? 

In addition it would help to be able to set the default font colors for Contact Details tabs and items in the Agenda pane too, but not as important as setting the backgrounds independently.

I have experienced the same thing.  I am just polishing the final touches on a modified dark theme that I started 6 months ago and it is the one thing I can’t make look finished.  Why is it that the contact details panel carries the right font color but the invitations and the agenda do not. Either give control over to each panel in the theme file or make it so one font color can be used for all the panels and then a suitable background color can be chosen