eM Client Licence not valid post todays update

Today an update notification appeared as I started eM Client. After the update I get a notification (Screenshot attached) telling me that the licence is no longer valid. 

I started a trail 14 days ago and hence still in my 30 day trial period. 

Awaiting your reply to continue my evaluation.

I just had the same thing when applying the latest update suggested by the progra on booting up.

Go to http://www.emclient.com/free-license Enter the license code you receive, and you’re good to go.

I am a pro user and received the same message but now i can’t find my activation code anywhere.  What can I do? 

I received the same message after 3 days and an update. Any one know the fix ?

tried it. infinite loop asking for passwords.

Error Log for above post

how can I go back to the old program version that worked?

Hm…interesting. It is indeed posible to reactive your free account. But now it is limited to only 2 email accounts…(?)

Many others are facing this issue - Is there a solution to restore the rest of the trial period?
Is anyone from eM Client reading these posts?

Tried ChrisWynter’s solution above, but now my trial got converted to a free account, limited to only 2 email accounts.

I would like to evaluate eM Client before going in for the Pro version. 

Hello, thank you for reporting this, I’m sorry to see that some of your trial licenses have seemed to expire, we’re inspecting this issue as it seems to be an issue with the latest release. However seems like an activation of a free license or re-activation of the previously activated license should allow you to restore all application features (except the demo mode).

I’m sorry if this has caused any issues, please make sure to let us know if the problem reoccurs or if you get unsigned of your license again.

If you were in the middle of your evaluation period, please contact our sales department at sales@emclient.com, we can issue a testing license for your evaluation purposes instead of the demo release.


If you’re having issues with this, can you also please navigate to the about page in Help > About, and use Ctrl+U/Ctrl+H to force the application to show the Update URL and HWGUID of your activation, please submit these to my work mail, mcgregor@emclient.com with a reference link to this forum topic for more information along with your license details (unless you were a demo license user).