EM Client keeps removing and bringing back messages

In the last few days, my EMclient continually keeps deleting messages prior to an hour or so previous, then syncrhonises again and brings them back. Anyone know why? The only thing different that has happened is I opened up mail using an old tablet, and it accessed my server mail as well. All my mail is still on the webserver, I can get it via webmail, but Emclient is getting to be almost impossible to use as it is not stable.

Hi Boydie,
please try this latest version of eM Client and see if the same issue happens - https://www.emclient.com/dist/v8.0.3283/setup.msi

If it does, we will need IMAP/EWS logs to analyze the issue further, depending on which protocol you use.

Please go to Menu>Settings>Advanced
Enable IMAP/EWS logging for the affected account
Restart eM Client
Replicate the issue, mark down the time it happened.
Send us these details and the log files (location set in Advanced settings) to [email protected]

Thank you for your cooperation.