eM Client keeps crashing!?

For some reason, eM Client keeps crashing when loading messages.

I don’t get any error message, unfortunately, I just get the Windows message that this software isn’t responding anymore, etc.

Each time I restart it, it takes a looong time to verify the database (for corrupted data?) and it finally loads.

I use Windows 7, professional edition.

This is getting seriously annoying. :frowning:

I hope you guys have ideas!


If eM Client will freeze again please use this tool http://www.emclient.com/tools/emstack… it will create file which I need you to send it to galis@emclient.com together with this topic’s url in subject.

with regards


Thank you for your reply! I e-mailed you the file it produced just minutes ago.


I have sent those logs to developers, please allow a while until I will respond back with answer over email.