eM Client keeps crashing after update yesterday

After installing the latest update 7.2.37923.0 eM Client keeps shutting
itself down after receiving any e-mail. This has happens after every incoming e-mail (tried it with sending several e-mails to myself). Every time I receive this error message:

When I click on ‘show error’ in lower right corner (please excuse my bad english) there is a very long file. It’s so long that when I scroll it at full speed it takes more than a minute to reach the end ;-)  Do I have to post this file?

After crashing eM Client checks database, finds nothing wrong? and starts up again.
But in one of the first crashes I lost an e-mail I had just written and had clicked ‘send’ at the same time the error occurred. It was really ‘lost’, not in Outbox or Concepts.

Does anyone know what I ca do to repair? Do I have to uninstall the update and if so, how do I do that (without loosing all the e-mails in my folders)?

(sorry if a similar post is already somewhere on this board as I tried to post yesterday and accidently posted my e-mailaddress in the message and deleted it and also deleted my account :-/  So now I tried again and had to make a new account)

I did notice this same issue with recent internal builds, but it seems to have been fixed in 7.2.37929 which is now available to download from the Release History. See if there is any difference.

Thanks! It’s fixed by this new update you suggested! I almost couldn’t believe it as the update I installed that made the crashes happen was from the same date but a different number…