eM Client keeps asking to reactivate


eM Client ask to be reactivated nearly every week. Is there a solution to that?


is it still actual? What is the email address you are registered with?

Hello, it is still occuring. Very annoying. A few times a week it asks to reactivate.
I can send you my email address but I don’t want to put it here in case of privacy.

I could PM you but don’t see a link to your mail.
Thanks for replying


It still keeps asking a few times a week to reactivate. That is very annoying. My email is dutchcub@gmail.com

Thanks for the reply.

I sent my last reply 6 days ago. Anyone here who can help me. It is driving me nuts to re_activate a few times a week…


I’ve sent my email to Michal Burger but got no reply. My problem still exists. Now every other day I have to reactivate. This is really annoying and I even think of uninstallling EmClient. Pity, the program itself is very good.

do you use eM Client on multiple computers? If so, how many licenses do you have? eM Client license is unique and related to one computer only.

Hello, thanks for your reply!
I use eM Client on my pc and on my laptop. I will try to re-install it on my laptop and ask a seperate license for that one. I hope it works! Thanks for the tip and I’ll let you know if it worked!

Greetings from Amsterdam Holland

Hi I have a similar issue as Dutchy. I found this answer by searching. I guess I need to make the copy on my laptop covered by a free licence and just keep the paid one on my desktop.
I have had a look and can’t see how to change the licence details in emclient. Can you tell me please so I can change the laptop copy to a free licence.

I have this trouble too but I have purchased two licenses?? Maybe I mixed up and gave the same license to both computers. Thanks, I’ll be that is it.


In the end I was not able to solve ‘the problem’. That’s why I uninstalled EM Client and
use Postbox now. Not that EM Client was bad, but now I got rid of that annoying message.


If you want, contact me at wilson@emclient.com and send me your activation keys - I will check it in our licensing system.