eM Client just stopped working on 3/15/2018. Crashes and says "Close the app".

eM Client just stopped working - I’ve been using it flawlessly on this laptop for over 4 months now, and bam. I think it may be due to my company pushing a Microsoft Windows 10 update. Not sure. Usually that might break a driver or so, but easily remedied, but never the app layer. All of my other 3rd party apps are still working ,just not eM Client, so it was thrown a curveball somewhere in there. I have tried removing my accounts uninstalling , rebooting, re-installing the latest version again, rebooting, Trying to add an account and it all fails again. Help! I love this client and rely on it heavily. eM Client (7.1.32088.0), Windows 10 (64bit).

Could be a corrupt database.  Please note that when you uninstall eM Client, the database is left intact.  When you reinstall, it connects to the old database.

To start with a fresh database, close eM Client go to c:\users[user_name\AppData\Roaming\eM Client.  Delete (or change the name of) this directory (note: this is a hidden directory, so make sure they are visible).  When you restart eM Client, it will create a fresh database.  If it doesn’t crash, then the database is no doubt your problem.

Assuming you use IMAP, it will resync your accounts when you reenter the account information.