eM Client Junk Mail filters

How does it work with eM Client when you flag an email as Junk, say, from an Outook/Hotmail Gmail account? Does eM Client send any notification to the provider that it’s junk so the provider’s algorithm can detect it in the future and automatically send it to Junk mail?

For instance, if you login to your Outlook/Hotmail account and you see spam in your Inbox, you flag it as Junk Mail in the hopes Outlook/Hotmail learns from this flag to automatically flag these kinds of emails as Junk in the future? I know Gmail does a better job than Microsoft in “learning” from flagging Junk mail.

The eM Client Blacklist does not send any data to your email provider. It is just a simple Rule that moves messages from a specific sender or domain to another folder.

Best option, as you mentioned, is to mark messages as spam in your webmail interface, which will train the server to recognise similar messages as spam.

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Thanks. That’s what I thought.

It’s too bad because with eM Client it’s visually easier look at your Junk Mail folder for false positives when you set up Junk Mail as a Favorite folder.

On a daily basis, I must have over 50 emails in my Junk Mail folder from one Outlook account and about a dozen Junk mails in my Inbox for the same account.

If it’s Outlook/Hotmail, I wouldn’t waste your time per se. All Outlook does is prompt you to add the sender to your “safe” list. However, from my understanding, filters within eM Client don’t work on Junk Mail.