eM Client is super sluggish lately in retrieving Gmail

I am using eM Client on three PCs. All of them lately have problems retrieving GMail emails. I am using latest 6.0.21372.0 version, and IMAP on GMail.
Nothing changed on GMail side, but the retrieval takes forever, and sometimes not at all.
This started happening about month ago. If it would have been limited to one PC, I would suspect problem there, but it is happening on all, and I use them on different networks. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

I am at work with super high download speeds. downloading email takes 30 sec, 900 K attachment takes 3 min. 

Hi Thaddeus, how large is your database folder, can you check the size of the eM Client database folder in App Data/Roaming/?

Are you using the “download messages for offline use” option? Note that eM client by default only downloads the headers of messages and downloads the content after you try to display the message.

This allows you to use less space on your hard drive, but may display large message slower than what you might be used to from using the web application.


Thank you Paul,
App Data/Roaming/eM Client has 403 MB
I checked “download messages for offline use”, including attachments, it was not checked before.
Let’s see how it works.
It might be related to Gmail issues as I noticed other people had problems, not only on eM Client.
To be continued…

Things went really south today - eM Client will not synchronize with GMail at all. Please look at the attached file

And this afternoon everything works fine…

Hi, glad it works, after enabling the download messages for offline use option, eM Client will take some time to synchronize all your emails with the client, after the synchronization is finished you should be able to view all incoming messages immediately as they don’t have to be downloaded from the server after you try to open the message.

Thank you,

Unfortunately the erratic problem continues. As of this moment (3/5/15 9:59) eM Client will not synchronize Gmail at all/

Yes - I am getting the slowdown at exactly the same time as you. Not only Em Client, but Android mail app as well. All IMAP has slowed to a crawl (unusable). Gmail web interface is still fine however.

I still have the open ticket with Google Apps for Work - and hopefully they will begin to believe it’s not just me, but also many others who have the same symptoms at the same times…

Yes, Gmail browser interface works fine… But no sync…

please post the link to your ticket - I could comment and confirm it.

Trouble with GMail sync still continue!!! WTF? eM Client hangs reading *.part file, will not synchronize timely, The problem probably lies in IMAP handling at GMAil, but still…

Yes - kind of crazy. Still experiencing during our morning time, then it gets better. I did make some headway with Google Support. They now do admit that it’s not just me! Last communication was:

I further investigated the issue on our side and it looks like that other users are still experiencing IMAP connectivity issues when using mail clients and mobile device.

We’ll see I guess…

After numerous emails and restatement of the obvious IMAP problem, Google seems to have done something to clear the problem up. The very slow sync in the mornings has stopped, and all is normal for the past week.

Thaddeus - just checking if you have the same experience? I have not let Google close the ticket until I checked if others were also seeing improvement. They claim that the other similar complaints have also been resolved.

May be! I will wait for few days to have a final verdict, but big THANKS!!!