eM Client is shutting down

Hi, I would like to solve this problem out. I work with the application every day and it is important for me that it works efficiently. It keeps shutting down on its own all the time and then I have to wait an awful long time for it to start up again.
Could you please let me know, what the problem is, please?
Thank you so much

Windows version?
Em Client version #?
After eMC restarts, are there any errors logged in MENU > OPERATIONS > LOG ?

Hello, thank you for coming to me.
Windows 10, eM Client 9.1.2109.0 and I don’t know what you mean by Operation and Log

And I have a new problem. Some of my conversations has mysteriously disapeared. Not all of them just som

Top of folder column, click MENU
Then click LOG tab

Look through the log for errors that may have occurred at the time you restarted

Dear Sunriseal, I have it in Czech and there is nothing similar to the Operations and Log tab.
Could you please send me the Screenshot of it?

Menu > Aktivity > Historie

I found it, thank you. I deleted all the errors. So, if it will happen again, shall I look here and …? I am sorry, but I am absolutely antitalent for this.

Are you Czech, please?

No I’m not, but eM Client is based in Prague.

Oh, I see, I thought it will be easier for me to have somebody who could explain to me in Czech what to do. But never mind I am happy for both of you. So what do you think I should do after checking the Operations and the history after restarting?

Post the errors you are seeing.

Dear all, please find here my screenshots. I took them as soon as the program started again after about the third shutdown. I don’t know how to post them.
I know, I am hopeless. Thank you

I am sorry I am not able to send the screenshot. I don’t know where is the problem

Try to paste them into the body of the message you are posting here

16:50:23 Online stav: změněn na online s důvodem NetworkAvailability
16:50:23 [email protected] IMAP Synchronizace seznamu složek

There are even more of it (a hundreds of lines)

Not in errors but just in the history

I can see the 2 lines you sent (using Google Translate) and that does not indicate an error.

Highlight the error lines and use Google Translate to translate it into English and post them in the body of the reply.

Thank you but there is nothing in the errors